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Welcome to Mac's The Screen Wrap Up for TV Series & Movie Tips and Review. Every week Mac shares an original piece written in his own words.

The recent situation has created a lot of issues. Besides finally being able to actually do those chores that you have been putting off all this time, there is also a lot to see online. This week I chose to give my current favorite top 15 series. This is subject to change because I watch a lot of series. The ranking has nothing to do with my preference for a particular series. Some I binge when I really like them and some were completly new to me or some I just rewatch. The series are of different genres because I have a broad interest.

Mac's List

 1. La Casa de Papel (Netflix)

 2. Banshee (Cinemax)

 3. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (NBC)

 4. Vis a Vis (Netflix)

 5. West World (HBO)

 6. Prodigal Son (Fox)

 7. Treadstone (USA Network)

 8. The Rookie (ABC)

 9. The Fall (BBC)

10. Ozark (Netflix)

11. Power (Starz)

12. Ray Donovan (Showtime)

13. Dare Devil (Netflix)

14. Reprisal (Hulu)

15. Jack Ryan (Amazone Prime)

La Casa de Papel 

I was late to this party. Don't judge. While everyone absolutely loved this series, I couldn't really understand the hype. Finally tried and I was pleasantly surprised. Although I don't like it when a story takes place in one specific location/place, I could endure this series because of the excessive flashbacks which do not take place at the primairy location. Good story from writer and creator, Alex Pina. Good acting work. Very nice characters. Every now and then there are some things which seem incorrect or practically impossible, but you take it for granted. There are currently 4 Seasons of La Casa de Papel (The Money Heist), a total of 38 episodes averaging 60 minutes, binge-ready.

4.5 / 5



Has been off the tube for a while now but is still one of my all-time favos. Raw action. Short synopsis. Due to a series of unfortunate events a recently released thief is given the job of the newly appointed sherif of the small town, Banshee. Here he must stand up to the local corrupt "boss" and try to find his old love. Unfortunately, her relationship status has changed. Using his knowledge gained in prison  he navigates his new found status while keeping his secret hidden from everyone. Good times. 5/5


Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Are/were you a fan of tv series like Ally McBeal, Eli Stone or Glee then you are in the right place?! Zoey recently has gained a superpower. She can "hear" people's mood through musical numbers. Check !! 3.5 / 5


Vis a Vis

Dubbed by some as the Spanish Orange is the New Black, but there is not really anything to laugh about with this version. And more important as the story progresses, the protagonist only becomes more clever. Like Casa de Papel, this takes place in a room, but due to the flashbacks, this is not all you see. The only downside for me was that one of the main characters is missing a fair amount of episodes in later seasons. This series is also by Alex Pina, the writer of The Money Heist. In season 4, the series (un-) officially comes to an end. This year a spin-off should come out, but for now it is all still uncertain. 3.5 / 5



Based on the film of the same name, adapted from a book written by Michael Crichton. The TV series was written by the writting duo Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy. Nice story about how technology can corrupt humanity. Good story and a super cast including Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris and one of my favorite actresses, Thandie Newton. Three Seasons in total. The 3rd season has ended with option for a possible 4th season. 4.9 / 5

T railer:

Prodigal Son

What do you become if you betray your father at 8 years old and he turns out to be a serial killer? Of course you become a psychologist and help the police catch serial killers. Nice story and also a good supportingcast led by none other than Michael Sheen and Lou Diamond Phillips. Season 2 is greenlit so it will be released next year. 3.5 / 5



Treadstone's sleeper agents are activated slowly. Unfortunately, one of the many has involuntarily "awakened" with all its consequences. You're in the right place if you are a fan of the Jason Bourne films. Normally I am not a big fan of TV series that are based on films, but this is certainly not inferior. It's a bit confusing at first because you get confused with the flashbacks in between. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after just one season. 3.5 / 5


The Rookie

It is never too late to chase your dreams, just like Nolan (Nathan Fillion). After a life-changing situation, he decides to pursue his boy's dream and goes to the police academy. He is placed at the LAPD and is received "warm" skeptism. His age and reason are questioned by almost everyone. The question however is will he manage to be accepted by his much younger colleagues? 4.5 / 5


The Fall

How to catch a serial murderer. This story is set in Ireland. The uniqueness of this series is that you see the story through the eyes of the series rapist and murderer, Jamie Dornan (50 Shades series). Special series with good acting by the chameleon, Gillian Anderson (Sex Education, X-files). Last season was a bit disappointing in my opinion, but ended surprisingly and yet very special. If you keep in mind that this series has 3 seasons and was filmed over a period of 4 years. There was 2 years between the 2nd and 3rd season. It ended strongly with those thoughts. 4/5



Jason Bateman (Ozark) and Laura Linney (Truman Show) as an unhappily married couple forced by money to launder his money for a Mexican Drug Cartel in the Ozarks. The best combination ever. There are now 3 seasons. Super good story. Nice characters. My favorite here is the fast-talking blonde curly hair, Ruth. With her accent and cheeky ways, you assured a good time. 4.8 / 5



Dope production of rapper / actor and now also producer 50 Cent. Nice story about a drug dealer who tries to go the right path and go legit but is stopped by everything and everyone time and again. After 6 seasons, this series has come to an end. Nice cast with Omari Hardwick (Saved), Lela Loren (Altered Carbon S2), Naturi Naughton (Notorious) and Joseph Sikora (Ozark S3). The one I noticed most in this series was Joseph Sikora and his portrayal of the lead role's best friend, Tommy Eagon. 4/5


Ray Donovan

Liev Schreiber as the fixer of everything to the eliteof the entertainment world. He seems to be able to solve everything for the right price. Unfortunately, his tactics are not always kosyer. Unfortunately, he cannot always combine his job and family life with the consequences. After 7 seasons, that series has also come to an end. It was also necessary because the magic was fading. The annoying thing is that the last episode made you hope that a season 8 was coming. Who knows? You never know. 4.8 / 5



Marvel's best venture alongside the Marvel movies. This was the first project of the collaboration between Marvel and Netflix. Unfortunately, this collaboration came to an end after Marvel was bought by Disney. DareDevil tells the story of the blind lawyer, Matt Murdoch (Charlie Cox) who becomes blind as a child after an accident involving chemical stuff. In return, he gains superpowers. Under the guidance of his mentor Styck, he learns to live with his disability and much more. Season 1 is about the real beginning. Season 2 is my personal favorite because it includes The Punisher. Brilliantly interpreted by Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead / Mob City). And of course DareDevil's old flame Elektra played by the beautiful appearance Elodie Yung. Take a look because Netflix's rights will soon expire and Disney's DareDevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Punsiher and The Defenders will expire. If they will still be shown on Netflix, the question remains. 4.25 / 5



Karma is a bitch named Doris. Doris who is left for dead by her criminal brother and his biker gang returns after years of revenge. It is a separate story but one that is really worth seeing. Abigail Spencer (Timeless/Suits) is a great actress anyway, but again plays the stars of heaven. Beautiful camera work, beautiful images and a very good story. Unfortunately, it is not yet certain if there will be a second season. 5/5


Jack Ryan

CIA analyst Jack Ryan ( John Krasinski) who has found a normal desk job detects a few suspicious bank transfers and brings it to the attention of his superiors. Unfortunately, this takes him away from his safe and boring place behind his desk. His liver changes drastically and soon he ends up in a cat and mouse game with the recent big boy in the world of Terrorism. The story is set all over the world. This is a fun spy thriller and pays homage to Tom Clancy's character. Movies were previously made starring Alec Baldwin, Harrisson Ford and Ben Affleck. Season 3 is expected to air on 5/5 this year


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