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Welcome to Mac's Cooking the place to be for (un) healthy recipes and eating tips. Every week Mac, shares an original and home-made in his own kitchen. Unless otherwise stated, the recipes are for 4 people. Just try these tasty treats!

Mac's BB met R

Brown Beans with Rice (BB with R) is one of the dishes that Surinamese have taken from the Dutch kitchen and which have "Surinamfied" ©. If that is even a word. You know what? I am trademarking this!

What do I need Mac?


- 2 jars of Gewoon® Brown Beans

- 3 tomatoes (medium size)

- 1 Onion (large)

- 6 Garlic Cloves

- 1 Indonesian bay leaf / Laurel leaf

- 6-10 pigment granules (Lontai)

- 3 fresh spring onions

- 1 jar of tomato paste / 3 tablespoons Ketchup

- Pack of Lufo® Cured Beef (small)

- 2 Unox ® Smoked sausages

- 500 grams Thigh fillet


- 4 cups of Basmati Rice


1 Red Onion (Large)



1 Lauriel Leaf



Preparation is key. The better you prepare, the easier cooking will be and the less likely it will go wrong.


Start by "washing" and cleaning the chicken. Surinamese always wash their chicken with vinegar or with lime. I use vinegar because I always have it at home. With all diseases nowadays, it is important to clean your food and especially meat. I usually leave my meat washed under water (with a good dash of vinegar) in a container.

In between I rinse my cured beef and put it in a pot with enough water. The meat should be submerged. You cook this 1 - 2 times. One tip is to put a wooden spoon in your pot and then cook the meat. This prevents it from boiling over.

Then I cut the Unox sausages into thin slices of about 1 - 1.5 cm. You put this on a plate.

Rinse the chicken and cut into thin strips. Not too thin because you are not supposed to find it once it is finished.

The salt meat idem. Rinse and cut into pieces. I like big pieces because I am the only one at home who eats this.

I put all my meat together on a plate. In this case, the cross contamination is small.

The Greens

I prefer to cut onions into small cubes, but I have small kids who don't like onions, so I just cut them big so that they can easily fish them out. You can also easily buy pre-sliced ​​onions at your local "Supermarket"!

I also cut garlic as fine as possible, but I can still see it. I love garlic so love to eat it. But don't worry because I also love Mentos gum so we good!

Simply cut tomatoes into 4 pieces. I take the seeds away. I once learned and later saw in a cooking program that the seeds are not good for the functioning of your intestines. To Much Info right ?! I know, but I'd rather report it than just not.

Spring onions, cut off well-washed ends. I also cut them right through the middle if they are really dirty. Very often there is dirt between the leaves. I am for "good for the resistance" but there are limits.

Game Time

I use a large pot / pan that prefers not to burn quickly or at all. Turn on the stove / your hob on position 7 (of 10). 3 Tablespoons of oil and a thin slice (less than 0.5 cm) of margarine. When the margarine has melted, add the garlic. I let them turn a little golden brown. Then the onions. Mix all. Add salted meat. Stir again. Add chicken. Let it bake for a minute or 3. Add a glass of water. Tomatoes, pigment grains, selam leaf and half of a can of tomato puree. I let this simmer for 20-30 minutes so that the chicken can be cooked.

Meanwhile, rinse 3 - 4 cups of Basmati rice. This depends on your visit. If they are large eaters or just Surinamese I would go for 2 extra cups of rice. Surinamese eat RICE with Brown Beans. My choice for Basmati is that I just like it. Pandan is also tasty but in my experience it becomes too wet with the "sauce" of the BB.

I use a Microwave / Rice Cooker or just a Rice Cooker to cook the rice. Do you not have it or do you just not know your local Toko ?! Don't you know what a Toko is? Then I am affraid there isnt any help for you left. 😁I hate cooking rice in a pan. In the Microwave on Max, 15 minutes with the same amount cups of water. (Place your index finger on the rice and fill it with water until your first phalanx.)

Back to the BB. I now add the smoked sausage and let it cook for another 10 minutes. Plenty of time to make you vinegar side. Clean the large red onion and cut into 8 equal parts when viewed from above. Making vinegar water differs per person. This is my way of thinking up during my student days. The water: vinegar ratio is 3: 2. I use a little hot water. Add sugar to taste. Add onions, laurel leaves and cloves. You can also add cucumber and / or freshly cut pepper. Keep in mind that you do not use hot water because otherwise your cucumber can turn brown.

Last Quarter

We now add the 2 pots of Brown Beans. Shovel and continue to do this until all meat and beans are mixed together. I let this boil for another 10 minutes. And finished. I use Helen's Javanese pepper and fried onions, as sides to make the food even more delicious. Time to chow down.

About Time

It might be that you have to cook the whole thing a little longer. It depends a bit on how your "stove" works. Cooking is not an exact science. It is trial and error and trying things out. What works for me doesn't have to work for you and vice versa. Try it and if you need some more tips or tricks send me a message via my Instagram account, maccooking.

Jack In The Box

For people who like cured pork tail you can cook this just like cured beef. Keep in mind that it has a longer "boil-out" time. You can expect an average cooking time of 30-45 minutes. I would do this before you really start "prepping" for your BB with R. Taste your salt content just like with Salt meat. Too much salt is not good.

Enjoy and measure so that you know what you eat. Peace & Love. Mac Out.

Health grade: 6

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I am not a professional cook, but just a lover of a hobby that got out of hand and turned into a passion. Therefore, I am not responsible for things that can make mistakes or inaccurate statements. I write the way I speak and I don't mean to offend people. And if you don't like it, you can also easily click the cross and the page is gone.

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