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Duncan MacDonald, born in 1975, son, brother, cousin, uncle, father ... Standup Comedian. Since 2014 active in the wonderful Standup Comedy Scene.

Loves self-mockery and likes to talk about how difficult his life can be as a father/parent and partner. About the noticeable cultural differences between the different residents of the Netherlands longer he lives in the Netherlands.

As great examples, he has a range of standup comedians from both national and international soil. From comedy legend Eddie Murphy to Dave Chappelle, from Jimmy Carr to Trevor Noah, from  Netherland's own locals. The likes of Jorgen Raymann to members of Carribean Combo, from Daniel Arends to Theo Maassen. Laughter is International.

On 2nd of March 2019, this funny man graced the stage with a try-out of his first comedy programme at the VU Griffioen Theatre in Amstelveen.

Thanks to COVID-19, he now often goes Live on Instagram & Facebook. Aside from his comedic side he also tries to share his healthy lifestyle and his other passions with interested people. Those passions are cooking and the wonderfull world of moving pictures. So feel free to navigate his website. Enjoy and feel free to drop a comment or share your experience.

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The Screen Wrap Up

Mac Getting Fit

Follow Mac's weekly struggles in trying to achieve and maintain, what is in his frame of mind is the ideal weight. The Struggle is real peepz !!!

The Screen Wrap Up

Mac's first passion will forever be the wonderful world of moving images. He is a huge fan of TV series and movies and literally watches everything. From action movies to animation to chickflicks. Dutch, English and international he likes it all. In this section he talks about what he likes or just dislikes. This is his personal opinion and not to be taken too serious.

Mac Cooking

For some (un) healthy recipes and tips you can indulge yourself here. At an early age of 6 Mac was already creating magic in the kitchen. Sometimes healthy and sometimes unhealthy. After so many years he is still trying to find the perfect balance between these two.


Here the different subjects/topics close to his heart and are discussed t in his live program Unscripted. Together with his co-host and  fellow standup comedy colleague, Miquel Wiegel, they chat for approximatily 45 - 60 minutes on various topics.

Support your Locals

Locals from mainly Utrecht are highlighted here. This section can also be interesting to you if you are interested in getting to better know and/or support someone's business. Always informative.


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